History of Our Camp

Along the banks of the Niukluk River in the heart of the Seward Peninsula lies Alaskan NW Adventures Fishing Camp. This is a friendly place far far away from all the hurry-scurry of city life. Remote and untouched beauty surrounds you no matter the season.

Tom has fished the river system since the early 1970's. He started a reindeer herd in the early 1980's put Tom in rural Alaska year around. In the mid 1990's the herd crashed and we decided to put our efforts into fishing and hunting. The lodge began as an Alaskan subsistence camp.

Through the seasons we gather native foods in the Eskimo* tradition. In the summer we pick greens, berries and cut dry fish. In the Fall, there is moose, caribou and bear hunting. We make native foods out of all we catch. We put a couple muskox in the freezer by March. In mid-May, we hunt ducks and geese.

*The term "Eskimo" mostly refers to Iñupiat peoples of Alaska. In Alaska, Eskimo is in common usage according to the Alaska Native Language Center.

Every eco-tour is customized so it is difficult to put a blanket price for a tour package. Please contact us or call Tom at (907) 304-2003 for a rate quote.

Custom Ecotours

Do you want to see the untouched arctic wilderness of the Northwest Alaska? Tom offers unique ecotours and fishing trips based out of Nome, Alaska. The Seward Peninsula is home to amazing marine life such as king crabs, beluga whales and seals.