Tell Me About Nome, Alaska

Just located on the southwest coast of Seward Peninsula of the Bering Sea is Nome, Alaska.

Population is about 3900. The climate is considered subarctic. Although, the winters are less severe than the interior regions of the Seward Peninsula. January's average temperature is 5℉ and July's average temperature is 52℉ in Nome, Alaska. The interior areas of Seward Peninsula will have warmer summers too. Remember the summer days can be as long as 20 hours long with the northern sun. Many of the native residents will have a "summer camp" and a "winter home." In the summer they will be located near the bountiful fishing rivers to take advantage of the subsistence lifestyle. Likewise, in the winter they may take advantage of the less harsh environment of Nome.

*The term "Eskimo" mostly refers to Iñupiat peoples of Alaska. In Alaska, Eskimo is in common usage according to the Alaska Native Language Center.

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Custom Ecotours

Do you want to see the untouched arctic wilderness of the Northwest Alaska? Tom offers unique ecotours and fishing trips based out of Nome, Alaska. The Seward Peninsula is home to amazing marine life such as king crabs, beluga whales and seals.