Nome Iditarod Finish and Tours 2022

You will have a very unique experience seeing part of our region and experience the end of the Iditarod Dog Sled Race. With snowmachines we will follow the Iditarod leader from Elim/White Mountain to Nome. With any extra days we will take day trips of your choice when time allows.
Nome Iditarod Finish and Tours


  • Our 10-day Iditarod Finish Tour
  • 10 nights lodging with your local hosts Tom & BeeJay
  • Tour of Nome
  • Eat fresh Alaska king crab
  • Tickets to the Iditarod Mushers' Banquet
  • Chance to view Northern Lights
  • Soak in remote hot springs
  • Meet Iditarod leader in White Mountain while taking an 8-hour layover
  • Day trips w/snowmachine to:
    - Muskox
    - Check king crab pots
    - Local hot springs
    - Ice fishing
    - Gold dredges
  • We will look at other options for this time of year
  • Visit several villages along the Iditarod trail
  • Snowmachine from Elim to Nome (125 miles) following the Iditarod leader
  • Sourdough pancake breakfasts

Tour cost includes

  • Snowmachines and cold weather gear
  • Guide for the time you're here
  • Lodging and meals
  • Tickets to the Mushers Banquet
  • Tour of Nome

Dates: March 12-21, 2022
Cost of the 10-day trip with accommodations and meals: $14,750 per person

Tentative Schedule
The weather may effect this schedule. If it does we will do our best to get you back on track


12th -- Arrive to us in White Mountain with Bering Air airlines. Get settled in to our home. Take snowmachines for a run to the Bering Sea Coast looking for Musk Ox.

13th -- A 50 mile snowmachine ride to a local hotsprings north of White Mountain. Soaking in these pools has been going on for generations in our native population. During this ride we will look for wildlife also.

14th -- The lead musher should be approaching Elim so we'll take a ride there and follow the musher to White Mt. where a 8 hour layover is taken. You will have time to meet the musher and volunteers at the checkpoint.

15th -- Today we follow the lead musher from White Mt. to Nome. We will get you to the finish line for the finish. Once in Nome you will have time to explore the town.

16th -- We will follow a commercial crabber checking his king crab pots through the ice on the Bering Sea. We will buy some live king crab and have a feed at our home.

17th -- With all the mushers arriving White Mt / Nome we will drive the Iditarod trail back to White Mt. There will be time to interact with mushers at the checkpoint today.

18th -- Ice fishing is on the list today. We will fish below our hunting and fishing lodge. Once we have enough fish for dinner we'll take a ride up to Council and look at a gold dredge.

19th -- Today we will head back to Nome checking out the mushers along the Iditarod Trail. Once in Nome the checkpoint is on the to do list, should be choas there.

20th -- We will explore Nome to see things your interested in. The Mushers Banquet happens today which we will attend. Throughout the awards the mushers will have some exciting experiences they talk about.

21st -- Today we say our goodbyes and you catch Alaska Airlines flight 152 out of Nome to start your return home.

If you are interested or have any questions please get ahold of Tom Gray through the below ways. Cell --(907)304-2003 or Email --

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Do you want to see the untouched arctic wilderness of the Northwest Alaska? Tom offers unique ecotours and fishing trips based out of Nome, Alaska. The Seward Peninsula is home to amazing marine life such as king crabs, beluga whales and seals.