Kenai Peninsula Fishing Lodge

Alaskan NW Adventures Lodge on the Niukluk River

Along the banks of the Niukluk River in the heart of the Seward Peninsula lies Alaskan NW Adventures Fishing Camp.
Kenai Peninsula Fishing Lodge

Your cabin is just a few feet from the river side. The bedrooms has comfortable beds and linens. The living area has a couch and a table with chairs. There is a wash house with hot showers and flush toilets. The Main Lodge is where you will have your meals.

Main Lodge

Right on the Shores of the Niukluk River. Here you will have your main meals a few feet from the resident cabins and wash house.

Red Cabin

The cabin has a table and chairs, two couches, a furnace, two bedrooms.

Green Cabin

The cabin has a table and chairs, a couches, a furnace, a bedroom.

Wash House

Beside your cabin is a wash house with running water, hot shower and toilet. Towels are provided

Every eco-tour is customized so it is difficult to put a blanket price for a tour package. Please contact us or call Tom at (907) 304-2003 for a rate quote.

Custom Ecotours

Do you want to see the untouched arctic wilderness of the Northwest Alaska? Tom offers unique ecotours and fishing trips based out of Nome, Alaska. The Seward Peninsula is home to amazing marine life such as king crabs, beluga whales and seals.